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Position Summary:
This is mid to upper level position for a person with experience specific to purchasing in an industrial manufacturing environment.  This position requires broad knowledge of materials, processes and suppliers of components used in the manufacturing of industrial equipment.  This position also requires a working knowledge of ERP inventory control systems and processes such as Kanban, stocking levels, and VMI.  The Sr. Buyer will report to the Purchasing Manager but will also work closely with other members of the Production Control department, Engineering and Manufacturing.

Daily activities will involve:

  • Ordering raw materials such as steel & plastic to meet daily production needs
  • Reviewing Kanban quantities for reorder
  • Checking inventory to review on-hands needed for jobs (parts other than Kanban)
  • Reviewing and proofing drawings, setting up parts for make or buy, and running work orders
  • Getting competitive quotes for materials based on quantity and lead times
  • Sending PO’s for plated and anodized parts
  • Keeping updated spread sheets for the majority of supplies
  • Searching for new vendors for newly engineered parts or secondary sources for existing components
  • Working with Manufacturing to order welding consumables, welding gasses, propane, drill bits, sanding disks, machine tooling, shipping supplies, paint booth supplies, chemicals, hand tools and other shop supplies
  • Working with Manufacturing to find suppliers, get quotes and order capital equipment such as welders, saws, lathes, drill presses, CNCs, etc…
  • Working with Manufacturing to find suppliers, get quotes and order building and maintenance parts and supplies as well as find vendors to service and repair capital equipment
  • Sending out drill bits, countersinks, and saw blades that need sharpening
  • Ordering lumber, tools and supplies for crating including nylon straps, nail guns, impacts, and metal tie down straps

Basic Requirements:

  • 5-10 years of purchasing experience in an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) environment.  Note: Purchasing candidates from other fields such as consumer goods manufacturing will not be considered.
  • Must be able to read and understand mechanical drawings
  • Wide range of knowledge related to purchasing raw materials and other industrial components
  • Proven ability to work within an ERP or other inventory control system
  • Other basic computer skills (Word, Excel)
  •  Must be able to balance personal workloads to meet changing deadlines in a fast paced environment

Preferred Experience:

  • Technical or College Degree related to Supply Chain Management in packaging equipment manufacturing experience
  •  Strong mechanical background
  • – Sheet Metal Fabrication knowledge
  • – AutoCAD 2D & 3D experience

Additional Details

Employment Type: Full Time
Wages: $55K - $65K per year

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