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Welder 2nd Shift

This position performs the welding function and prepares machinery for machining, paint and assembly. Qualified candidates will have knowledge of pipefitting, welding, mechanical, and light electrical work


  • Welds metal parts together according to detail drawings, using G.M.A.W.  equipment, G.T.A.W., S.M.A.W., or oxyacetylene. Repairs parts. Performs flame-cutting operations and grinding.
  • Lays out metal stock, es up and assembles parts using jigs and fixtures
  • Operates sheet metal fabrication and forming machine
  • Select, cut, thread, bend and install ipiping, fittings, aperture fixtures, valves, gauges, meters, ect.
  • Assist with Mechanical Assembly with large industrial equipment when needed
  • Coordinates with Engineering to ensure Engineering Change Requests are submitted
  • Completes final inspection checklist and inspects equipment for quality
  • Uses ERP system to enter time spent working on jobs
  • Visibly supports “lean” and other process improvement activities


Mon – Thursday 2:25pm – 12:55am

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Wages: $21 - $24 per hour

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